Make it quotidian is the online home of Quotidian Consulting UK aka @SarahPragsarah-prag-bw-1200x1200px__large

My background is in developing and managing digital products and services, and also in bringing about the culture change and capability building needed to make that possible. By ‘capability building’ I mean the skills, confidence and techniques needed if you’re going to develop and continuously improve services.

You’ve probably used some of the services I’ve worked on: eBay UK, BBC Podcasting and iPlayer radio, GOV.UK, Register to Vote.

I now work with public sector clients who want to transform their services and their organisations by embracing digital technology and/or new ways of working.  By ‘new ways of working’ I mean approaches that are user-centred, agile, iterative, collaborative, evidence based and which deliver results quickly! 

My work involves strategic consultancy, facilitating product/service design and development, coaching and troubleshooting.

Why ‘make it quotidian’?

‘Quotidian’ means daily, habitual, routine. To bring about change you need to do something new every day: small incremental things. You need to make a habit out of change. This is at the heart of agile ways of working.

Get in touch

If you’d like to get in touch about working together you can reach me via Twitter or LinkedIn, or leave me a comment here.

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