So, what am I actually up to?

June has now arrived, and I’m out of the BBC and into the wild!

This month is really all about reading, thinking, and talking to people who are doing interesting things with digital technology and social enterprise. My aim is to understand more about what’s going on, and where there might be needs or gaps that I could meet or fill. It could be that I end up going for a specific role, or consulting across a range of projects. We’ll see!

And what exactly do I mean by “social enterprise”?!  Well, there are a lot of people way more knowledgeable than me who have come up with various (and not always consistent) definitions, but for what it’s worth, here’s mine:

I think a social enterprise is a viable business whose primary motivation is to meet a social need.  By “viable business” I mean that they are turning a profit, or at least breaking even, or have the potential to do so in the future.

I’m keeping a directory of the sites and services that catch my eye via delicious, and there’s a whole fabulous Guardian site dedicated to the subject if you’re keen to read more.

At the moment I’m interested both in individual enterprises, and also in the organisations that are supporting or enabling them.  There are also some great digital agencies who are focusing on working with social enterprises and charities.

There is a lot going on out there, and for now I’m just diving in and reading and exploring. If you have any thoughts or suggestions then do let me know!

3 thoughts on “So, what am I actually up to?

  1. Hello SP,

    Valiant stuff. Sounds exciting. I have a few social enterprise-y types up my sleeve if you want company, and have just, this morning, discovered the Centre for Creative Collaboration on Acton Street near King’s Cross – – it’s a great concept, which helps start-up creative entrepreneurial people with a place to meet, talk, collaborate and sometimes even set up start-up offices. They have open houses on Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning; the former to work in a shared environment, the latter to talk and make connections (this one is focussed on social media I think). Worth checking out… not least because it’s in Thomas Heatherwick’s old studio and is a lovely space.


  2. Spend some months really digging into London’s technology and social enterprise communities. Every evening there’s an event happening somewhere in town. Get to know the people in those communities and learn something of what they do. Ask if you can introduce yourself before the main meeting then join them in the pub afterwards. I know from doing it myself that you’ll find plenty of people who have donated their IT skills to a charity at some point. They’ll be able to provide you with contacts and suggestions of where to go next.

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